Thursday, April 4, 2013

Shorts Weather. I'm Taking Advantage.

Etsy'd vintage top (similar shape, different pattern here and solid color here)///vintage squash blossom necklace///Paper Denim & Cloth cutoffs)///D&G sunglasses

But I'm not ready to show off my legs online.


two birds said...

haha! i love it. here i was all ready to see your amazing legs! (ok, that sounded creepy). love the top!

Frannie Pantz said...

LOL I cannot WAIT for shorts weather! Today we are in the 60's--finally!--and I am wearing bare legs. But they are blinding me. LOL Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

Marlen said...

haha i havent seen mine out of tights in half a year either, so i can relate with the hesitation =) anyhow, i LOVE that cape shirt, it's so cute

xo Marlen
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Lily EBVS said...

Shorts weather! Congrats. Legs or no, this is a super cute look -- I really love that vintage top, especially with that necklace.
Fifth Freedom Fashion

Carly said...

Ha, what a tease...just kidding:)
Love the shirt...I am SO into that poncho shape.

The Photogramps said...

Lol. I'm not ready to show mine off either. LOVE the top though. Great color, great pattern!

The Photogramps said...
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