Thursday, May 2, 2013

I'll Wear Your Grandma's Clothes

thrifted cardigan (similar-ish///thrifted necklace///F21 jeans (exact)///Urban Outfitters shoes (similar, similar, similar)
This sweater is one of those old lady brands that I was always mystified by when I worked at Macy's. I wondered how they came to represent the grandmas in the first place. There was never an era where the items would have been considered in fashion so it couldn't be misplaced nostalgia. The only things I could figure out was that they came in coordinating sets and all the materials were wash and wear.
Fast forward 14 years and I'm wearing one of those unnatural-fibered cardigans.

My inner 20-year-old is burying her head in shame.

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two birds said...

Well, it looks adorable on you. And I love your polka dot jeans!