Thursday, June 6, 2013

Modern Boho

Zara top (exact)///necklaces by me///AE cutoffs///Casio watch (similar)///Target heels (exact)
Lately I've been trying to mix modern/minimalism and boho elements. I've always loved both styles but usually ping-ponged from one to the other. Blending seems to make more sense and so far I'm digging the results.


Ally @ Fever Thrift said...

I'm digging the results too. The jeans and heels are perfect together. You made your necklace!? It's gorgeous.

two birds said...

you and me both! i love this look! also, thanks for the advice today. i will be making some tea for toner tonight!

two birds said...

I love this look. Casual, cool, and put together. Those heels are hot! And I love your necklaces!

rlutz said...

The shape and cut of that shirt is fabulous!! Love your self made necklace!

Carly Walko said...

hey hey sexy legs...digging it too..LOVE that necklace!!!

Jo Abiog said...

those heels look so fabulous!!

{Style + Travel}

Simona lakenmoon said...

Great flash of inspiration, I like to blend the two too! Cool necklace!
Come by if you have time, maybe we could follow each other?