Thursday, September 12, 2013

Olivine/Opal 2.0

So brace yourself, this is a long post (or stop reading now if you don't have time). I've been thinking a long time about style blogging and my place in it. See, this whole blogging world has been an amazing creative outlet for me during some really rough times in my life, but I've never really felt comfortable with it. I really hate being in front of the camera and it's just not how I wanted to join this whole fashion and style "conversation". I couldn't really figure out how to make it work for me but I kept stubbornly with this whole outfit photos concept thinking (I'd) it'd get better. Instead I just kept buying new things to fill what seemed like a void. Only now I was consuming more than creating and it didn't feel very good.

Two things led me to this new blog concept: I was thinking about when I used to work retail and my favorite customer was the one that would come in and let me play dress up with them while we figured out styles they liked, were comfortable in, or fit in their closet. I realized that I could kind of translate that experience online except with many people instead of one-on-one.

The second thing was our move. Moving to Alaska is no small thing and I had to get rid of a TON of clothes (which actually felt pretty great) and only keep my absolute favorite items. Well, we came here and I unpacked a bunch of crazy. Because that's what I like (I'm wearing butterfly print pajama basketball shorts right now, for instance). I need to add back in basics but I don't want go overboard again and buy a bunch of things just to fill up the closet.

And here we are. A lot of blah blah blah to tell you what this new space is going to look like. There's still a few kinks to work out (like background, lighting, and major wrinkles #sorryaboutthat #sorryaboutthegratuitoushashtagging #soannoying #cantstop). When I purchase a new item (mostly under $100) I will feature it on a Monday along with a link for the item.


H&M Sweater (now 50% off!)

Along with different outfits from my closet using the sweater for the current season:

I'd like to feature at least 2 outfits here. I'm not sure if I will try and find links to similar items to the ones pictured, certainly if I think items are still in stores.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Outfits for the other 3 seasons using same featured item:


I'm thinking Fridays will be for inspiration. Like other people, or even me wearing the item (or similar). This may not work since many bloggers require permission even if you link, and it can be a time suck. We'll see.

Sitting on a chest. Like you do.
And ta da! It's kind of like Le Catch (except less expensive and more outfits) or that feature in InStyle (except, uh, less expensive and more outfits). I'm really excited about this. It gives me a chance to play stylist and feel like I'm creating instead of consuming.

I'm glad you read all the way through and I hope you stick around and see what happens! Monday I'll be featuring the sweater for real so there will be a little overlap but also a lot of new content. Hope to see you then. . .

P.S. To Megan and Nora, they're Sam Edelman's Tara. :)


two birds said...

I LOVE this new idea! I always feel like a bit of a doofus in front of the camera, too. But I love creating outfits. This will be so much fun! Although, I am sad we won't see as much of your pretty face. And that this will probably make me want to shop even more than I already want to! (Like, now I really want that H&M sweater!):) And thanks for letting us know about the boots. They are amazing!

Thrifted Shift said...

I love that your interest is in creating rather than consuming. I can't wait to see more!