Friday, April 12, 2013


thrifted cardigan (similar)///Free People tee (exact)///vintage necklace///Forever 21 skirt (similar)///Birkenstock sandals (similar)

I'm not sure what's happening with the photos. They are sharp when I edit, sharp in dashboard, blurry when I publish. But only some of them. What up, Blogger?
And yes, it's the same shirt as a few posts down. I'd link but that'd be kind of ridiculous. If you're curious and you missed it the first time around, just scroll down a bit.


two birds said...

i love all the ways you are wearing this shirt! what a fun and casual outfit, and you look so great!

Lily EBVS said...

Love this simple casual look -- that cardigan is perfect!
Fifth Freedom Fashion

The Photogramps said...

Aahhhh, T's and over sized cardigans. That's the stuff of dreams.