Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fluro Top

vintage necklace (similar here, here in gold) ///Free People tee (exact)///F21 jeans (exact)///thrifted purse///Sam Edelman booties (similar)

I'm pretty sure I wear these jeans 60% of the time. I really wanted the Marc Jacobs' version but wasn't willing to shell out the $$$ for pants I won't wear for long. I'm debating adding my own rips, but maybe this suburban mom of 3 doesn't need every single pair of jeans to be destroyed. Do you think at some point holey denim becomes age-inappropriate?

(Asks the woman wearing Forever 21)

(With her pink tee tied in a knot)


Andi said...

I think age-appropriateness is mostly up to the person wearing it. If you want to wear destroyed denim, go for it! I think it works for you! I mostly avoid holey denim, because I'm not supposed to wear it to work, and that is where I spend most of my time.

two birds said...

i remember when i used to wear denim with a ripped butt, and i'd wear mens boxers underneath. that would not be age appropriate now, but i think a few tears here and there is ok!