Monday, October 14, 2013



I've been furiously cleaning out my closet even more. I'd say I got rid of at least 1/2 of everything before we moved to Anchorage and I've probably halved the remaining again since we got here. I donated a ton, and consigned some of the best (which is going amazing). And I'm going to go through the closet again today - I only want things in there that really fit into my lifestyle and/or that I absolutely am crazy about. I'm also only allowing myself one clothing purchase a month which I hope will help me focus on more quality things that I love that fit well into my existing wardrobe. (October's purchase is the handmade embroidered blouse from Zara in the picture all the way at the top right.) So far I'm really loving my deeply edited wardrobe.

Also in the spirit of making my life easier, I've decided to stop blogging. I absolutely loved creating outfits on the floor but it was a huge mess, it took a lot of time, and it just simply doesn't fit in my life right now. I'll still be sharing what I'm wearing on Instagram (@Jennifer_heater) and Facebook (you can also drop a line at It seems weird that I need to show off my outfits but it motivates me to keep me getting dressed in a way that I like and not slipping into the frumpy dumps. Which is really easy to do as a stay at home mom living in a city voted "worst dressed" by Travel and Leisure magazine. Heh.

Thank you for everything guys, the few of you that made the move over to Olivine and Opal with me, the people that have supported me for years, and the newer friends I've made. I'll miss it here, but let's be honest it's been coming for a while.


Andi said...

You will be missed, but I'll keep up with you in Instagram, for sure! Best wishes in everything you do!!

Thrifted Shift said...

Congratulations on paring down! You will be missed. I wore clogs the other day because yours looked so good on you a couple weeks ago. I'll check in on instagram. Take care!

Carly Walko said...

HOnestly, people (friends who see my closet) are always surprised that I dont have MORE clothing. Truth is I edit it down a few times a year and get rid of ANYTHING I am not wearing to consign it. Everything in there I adore and wear all the time...everything else is a goner (with exception of cocktail or full length dresses) those stay around longer.
You will LOVE your closet this way and it makes you feel less guilty about the purchased you DO make...because you can see/legitimize that you really need them.
been loving all the looks on instagram

two birds said...

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! At least we still have Instagram. But your blogging will be missed.

Jenava said...

Ha, I just found your new blog...and you've closed it! It was great to follow along with your life. I hope that you continue to do well, grow and nurture your sweet kiddos. xo, Jenava

About Last Weekend said...

Oh I loved your writing and your outfits! I think you might have been one of my first URL friends! I wish you really well Jenn and stay in touch somehow! I will friend you on Facebook so we can stay in touch!

Kinsey said...

I'm sad to see this! I'll find you on insta and follow you there, hopefully with a few OOTD pics!