Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Real Life

I thought it'd be fun to put up some quick pics of me actually wearing the pieces I've been featuring. Here's the plaid blouse:

thrifted vest, purse, and heels, Target blouse, Free People denim

Look familiar? I swapped out the leather skirt for jeans because, well, life. I even got compliments from the other moms at pickup. Yessssss.
And here's the striped shirt:


You guys wouldn't believe (well, you probably would) the amount of amazing coats to be thrifted here in Anchorage. I'm really, really trying to not fill my closet up (more than it already is). I had my cart stacked high but came home with just this one - the cocoon shape is really on trend and I liked the mustard-y color.


Thrifted Shift said...

That coat is amazing! There must be good sweaters at the thrift stores there too, right? Hooray for the other moms being nice to you! You DO look great!

Jenn said...

Oddly enough, not really a lot of good quality sweaters. I guess everyone spends their money on coats. :) And thank you!

Emmett Katherine said...

it is so hard not to fill one's closet with vintage coats!

i like the houndstooth/plaid combo in the first outfit and I want to steal your zara boots!

two birds said...

i am a coat addict, but like you, we need coats in minnesota, so i don't feel too bad about it. i love the plaid and vest look!

Mimi said...

Great finds, Love the blouse and that vest is amazing:)

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rlutz said...

The vest with the plaid looks amazing !!